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Adam Clarke
Tuesday 7 April 2015 14:27

Poppies in barley© Tim Scrivener

There is evidence to suggest that broad-leaved weeds are becoming more difficult to control, but the true extent of herbicide resistance in the UK is currently unknown.

To try and uncover how widespread the problem is, advisory body Adas is conducting a survey and invites growers and advisers to share their experiences.

Adas weed specialist Lynn Tatnell says that much of the evidence that resistance is on the rise is anecdotal and in many cases hasn’t been confirmed by seed testing.

“It might be the case that it isn’t as widespread as people fear, but we need a better understanding of the situation in the field.

“To do that, we need to reach out to as many people as possible who have to control broad-leaved weeds in their rotation – arable or otherwise,” says Mrs Tatnell.

Practical advice
Adas’s James Clarke adds that without gaining a better picture of how easy or difficult certain species of broad-leaved weeds are to control, it will be difficult to provide best practice advice to growers in the future.

At present, herbicide resistance is confirmed in mayweed, chickweed and poppy, but there may be more resistant species out there as many growers rely on a single ALS-inhibiting mode of action to control broad-leaved weeds.

“We need to hear from those that aren’t having a problem, as well as those that are.

“In the second phase of the survey we would like to investigate any problems further on the respondent’s farm and confirm whether it is herbicide resistance or there are other factors involved,” explains Mr Clarke.

By taking part in the short survey, you could give yourself a chance of winning one of 25 bottles of malt whisky.

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