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19 April 2014



Representatives of the Water Catchment Partnership local shows and events to deliver one message incorporating the ethos from all organisations to effectively tackle the problem of pesticides in the water environment particularly in Drinking Water areas and to promote best practice.


The Ulster Farmers’ Union are pleased to announce that the Voluntary Initiative have launched a new Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPMP).

Tim McClelland representing the UFU on the VI commented: “The NFU have been instrumental in developing this tool for the farming industry ensuring it is user friendly and effective. There is a requirement under the Sustainable Use Directive for Member States to encourage the uptake of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

“The European Commission defines this as economically and environmentally sustainable management of pests, weeds and diseases using cultural, chemical, physical and biological controls.”

To meet this new requirement the UFU welcomes that the UK Regulators have recognised that our farmers do actually carry out a wide range of these practices. The adoption of an agreed voluntary approach to demonstrate IPM as opposed to regulatory approaches has been well received within the industry. To satisfy this requirement the new IPM plan for the VI is available and can be accessed at http://www.voluntaryinitiative.org.uk/ipmp

The new IPM plan for the VI will replace the original VI Crop Protection Management Plan (CPMP). This new IPM Plan is user friendly and will help demonstrate and record good practice. The Voluntary Initiative illustrates how good practice can convince Government that voluntary approaches are better than any regulatory one.

Changes to Current Rules on Grandfathers Rights for Pesticide Users

A current exemption for Pesticides users in UK law is commonly known as “grandfather rights”. This exemption will continue until 26 November 2015. After this date everyone who uses plant protection products authorised for professional use must hold a certificate of competence.

Option 1- Is the Existing Certification route.

Option 2 – Is the New Level 2 Certificate in the Safe Use of Pesticides for those farmers who have been operating under “Grandfather Rights”. The New Level 2 Certificate work booklet can be found at the link: http://www.nptc.org.uk/qualificationschemedetail.aspx?id=474

To help gauge industry demand and ensure sufficient resources are made available to meet this important industry need please register an expression of interest at http://www.cafre.ac.uk/2014/03/grandfathers-rights/ you can also contact Industry Training Administration team by email industry.trainingadmin@dardni.gov.uk.

The Water Catchment Partnership

Representatives of the Water Catchment Partnership established in 2013 met recently to progress plans for attending the 2014 RUAS Balmoral Show. The Partners promote the importance of proactively working together to raise awareness of best practice when using pesticides in the garden or on the farm.

Over the past year the Water Catchment Partnership representatives have attended and hosted a series of events with visits in the pilot Derg Catchment area.

Stop and think about the water you drink – use pesticides responsibly.


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