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Conference travel report submitted by Dr. Deena Errampalli, President, Canadian Phytopathological Society. E-mail:Deena.errampalli@agr.gc.ca

Deena E

Over 1,500 delegates from 45 countries attended the symposia, workshops, 4 plenary lectures and 35 technical sessions on the management and control of diseases of crops at the American Phytopathological Society (APS) and Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS) joint meeting in Minneapolis, MN, USA from August 10-13, 2014. Seventy delegates from Canada attended the meeting. Rick Bennett, the APS President–Elect and the APS Annual Meetings Program Chair, and Deena Errampalli, CPS President-Elect and the CPS Programs Chair were members of the APS-CPS joint meeting program planning committee. The theme of the meeting was “Plant Health Connections.”

Errampalli was invited to the 2014 APS Presidential Meeting of Plant Pathology Organizations and APS International Society Relations Committee (ISRC), where she met with presidents or representatives of plant pathology societies from Australasia, China, International society, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Mexico, South Africa and USA. They discussed the issues that are important each of the societies and how to develop ways to foster collaborations among the sister societies of plant pathology. Errampalli believes that it is an important initiative.

EFPP Board conf org committee Deena  Sept 8 2014-1

Representatives from plant pathology societies from Australasia, Canada,
Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil and USA.

One of the plenary lectures was the Glenn Anderson Lectureship Award on security of world food supply (http://phytopath.ca/glenn_anderson.shtml). Dr. Jennifer Thomson (http://web.uct.ac.za/org/sawise/RoleModels/rolethomson.htm) of the University of Cape Town in South Africa presented the lecture and her lecture entitled “Genetically Modified Crops for Africa: Healthy Plants and Healthy Bodies” was well received. The CPS and APS jointly sponsored the lecture.

Errampalli organized the lecture and gave an introduction to GA lecture at the plenary session on August 11, 2014. APS and CPS members participated as co-moderators of technical sessions, organizers of workshops, and contributed to technical sessions by presenting talks and posters. One of the advantages of joint meetings is opportunities for networking with colleagues from both societies to develop new collaboration, and hope many did just that. It was a busy meeting for Errampalli as the Incoming President; in addition to attending meetings of the CPS Financial Advisory Committee, Outgoing Board, Incoming Board, Special Members and Annual members meetings, she was invited to participate in some of APS committee meetings. Also, Errampalli presented two posters and moderated a session. Deena was honoured to present a talk on ‘how to be a successful professional’ to more than 50 graduate students at the First Timers Session (by invitation only). Interestingly, this was her 30th anniversary of home coming to APS, as she joined the society as a graduate student (Oklahoma State University) and attended the APS meeting as a first timer in 1984. Deena said, “it was my turn to give back and I was happy to do so”.

EFPP conf award winners

The CPS honoured scientists who have made important contributions to plant pathology in Canada: Dr. Denis Gaudet of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada in Lethbridge was the recipient of the award of CPS Fellow and his award will be presented at the 2015 awards ceremony. The award for Outstanding Research was received by Dr. Richard Belanger, Université Laval, Québec. Dr. Zie Feng, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmonton received the Outstanding Young Scientist Award. The award of Achievements in Plant Disease Management award was received by the Club Root Mitigation Team, comprised of Stephen Strelkov, Gary Peng, Sheau-Fang Hwang, Bruce Gossen, Mary Ruth McDonald, Ron Howard, and Clint Jurke. Graduate student travel awards, scholarships to several graduate students of plant pathology were presented. Congratulations to all!

The conference concluded with the final night celebration of good food, fellowship, networking and dancing with the APS, CPS and international plant pathologists. A group of CPS and APS members have literally organized a CPS-APS joint lecture initiative for 2015 at this party, which shows net-working and face to face meetings work beautifully!

Dr. Deena Errampalli took office of the President of the Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS) on August 10, 2014 at the APS-CPS joint meeting in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Deena has served as Vice President (2012-13) and President Elect (2013-14) and she will serve as President for one year (2014-15). Deena has been a member of APS since 1984 and CPS since 1992 and has served as the Secretary of the CPS Executive Board from 2003-2007. Since 2007, she has been the Section Editor of Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, a journal of CPS.

The Canadian Phytopathological Society Inc. (CPS), founded in 1929, is a professional organization dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge of plant pathology in Canada and throughout the world. The objective of CPS is to encourage and support research and education in plant pathology, to promote public awareness of the importance of plant diseases and of the socio-economic benefits of controlling them, and to act as a forum for discussion of policies and strategies affecting all aspects of research and education in plant pathology in Canada. The current membership of CPS is 300 and the society publishes peer- reviewed journal, Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology. In addition, CPS publishes books, Diseases of field crops and Diseases of pests of vegetable crops in Canada. CPS holds annual scientific meetings in Canada and meets with APS once in every 5-8 years and with Plant Canada once in every 4 years. More information can be found at http://phytopath.ca/


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IAPPS  is pleased to announce the addition of the All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection http://vizr.spb.ru/ and the Canadian Phytopathological Society http://phytopath.ca/ as new Affiliate members. For a list of all IAPPS Affiliate Members see www.plantprotection.org


All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection http://vizr.spb.ru/












Canadian Phytopathological Society http://phytopath.ca/



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Prepared by Dr. Deena Errampalli, President, Canadian Phytopathological Society

(E-mail: Deena.Errampalli@agr.gc.ca)

The 11th European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) conference was held in Krakow, Poland from Sept 8-13, 2014. More than 300 delegates from 44 countries and 5 continents attended the conference and shared their scientific research, developed new collaborations and strengthened existing collaborations.

The EFPP (http://www.efpp.net/default.htm) Board met with the representatives of different plant pathology Societies from Europe and Canada (Photo below). See the REPORT OF THE 12th MEETING OF THE BOARD OF THE EFPP WITH DELEGATES OF MEMBER SOCIETIES Krakow, Monday 8 September 2014 at: http://www.efpp.net/Documents/DRAFT%20Report%20Board%20meeting%20EFPP%20Krakow%202014.pdf

EFPP Board conf org committee Deena  Sept 8 2014-1

12th Meeting of the EFPP board and delegates of member societies.
In front, from left to right: Dr. Arne Hermansen (EFPP treasurer), Dr. Piet M. Boonekamp (EFPP vice-president), Prof. Małgorzata Mańka (EFPP president), Dr. Martin Verbeek (EFPP general secretary).
Middle row, from left to right: Prof. Tatiana E. Şesan (Romania), Dr. Deena Errampalli (Canada), Prof. Małgorzata Jędryczka (Poland), Dr. Lesley Torrance (UK).
Back row, from left to right: Prof. Piotr Sobiczewski (Poland), Prof. Maria I. Clara (Portugal), Prof. Maria M. Lopez (Spain), Dr. Petr Komínek (Czech Republic), Prof. Radovan Pokorný (Czech Republic), Dr. Victoria Luksha (Belarus), Dr. Natalia Sklimenok (Belarus), Dr. Nenad Keča (Serbia)

The conference with the theme, ‘Healthy Plants- Healthy People’, was opened by Prof Malgorzata Mańka, President of the EFPP and the dignitaries from Poland brought best wishes to the delegates. Deena Errampalli extended greetings from Canadian plant pathologists to the European colleagues. An excellent scientific program was organised by Prof. Piotr Sobiczewski (Chair) and in his international scientific committee. A special thank you goes to Prof. Malgorzata (Gosia) Jedryczka (Secretary of the Scientific Committee),whose careful thought, creativity, dedication, leadership and hard work in the organization of every aspect of the conference made it a memorable event for all those that had attended the conference. There were eight contributed oral presentations sessions: 1. New pathogens and shifts in pathogenicity; 2. Toxic metabolites of pathogens; 3. Pathogen identification, detection and monitoring; 4. Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics; 5. Diseases of trees in forests and recreation sites; 6. Plant disease management; 7. Plant pathogens in soil, air, and water and 8. Plant disease resistance. A special session in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, with a lecture on biological monitoring in the treatment salt chambers of the Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort, concluded with an amazing conference dinner, in the hall about 125 meters below the ground level, with the floors, ceiling and walls, made up by salt rock. In addition, three workshops on Ramularia leaf spot of barley, Black leg of crucifers and Clubroot of crucifers, and the 5th International Seed Health Conference were held on the September 12th. At the EFPP conference closing ceremony, awards for best poster presentations in each of the scientific and workshop sessions were presented (Photo below).

EFPP conf award winners (3)

EFPP Conference award winners

The conference concluded with a field tour to the ecological orchard (September 12th) where participants observed diseases of tree fruits, and an excursion and field trip to the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland area, a land of caves, castles, and unusual limestone cliffs, ravines and rock formations in the forest (September 13). http://www.efpp11-krakow.pl/ The next EFPP conference will be held in 2017 (location to be determined).

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