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Remote-sensing models to combat Banana bunchy top virus in Africa

The IITA–CGIAR team has published a method using drones and satellite imager-based remote sensing approaches for mapping banana farms to guide surveillance for the detection and mapping of the banana bunchy top virus spread and support data-informed decision-making on virus containment strategies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The study, Banana Mapping in Heterogenous Smallholder Farming Systems Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery and Machine Learning Models with Implications for Banana Bunchy Top Disease Surveillance, was published in the peer-reviewed, open access Remote Sensing journal.

BBTV has emerged as a major threat to banana production in sub-Saharan Africa. The virus infection results in severe dwarfing (bunching) of the shoots and cessation of fruit production, denting the food and income security of smallholder farmers.

Source: iita.org

Publication date: Mon 16 Jan 2023

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