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Dear Colleagues,

In the context of this year’s EU Green Week, Plants for the Future ETP and Euphresco are co-organising an online webinar on the topic ‘Improving knowledge, skills and capacity building to ensure plant health in more sustainable agricultural systems’. The event will be broadcast on 5th June 2023 from 14 to 15:30 CEST. The focus will be on low- hazard plant protection products, what they are and what challenges they face in terms of regulation and utilisation. Please find attached the agenda and abstract of the event as well as the registration link. You can also register directly here.

Speakers will include

Domenico Deserio (EU Commission DG SANTE Unit on Pesticides and Biocides)

Patrice Marchand (Technical Institute for Organic Agriculture)

Gianfranco Romanazzi (Marche Polytechnic University)

Neil Audsley (Fera Science Ltd)

Christoph Grondal (Eurofins Agroscience Services)

Do not hesitate to share the information around you.

Best regards


Baldissera GIOVANI, PhD

Euphresco Co-ordinator at EPPO

21 boulevard Richard Lenoir

75011 Paris, FRANCE

Telephone: +33 (0)1 84 79 07 54

Fax : +33 (0)1 70 76 65 47

Email : bgiovani@euphresco.net; bg@eppo.int

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Dear Colleague,
I would like to bring to your attention the organization of the 16th Annual International Symposium on Agricultural Research, 10-13 July 2023, Athens Greece. You are more than welcome to submit a proposal for presentation by 11 April 2023. We accept both onsite and remote (online or pre-recorded) presentations. If you need more information, please let me know, and our administration will send it to you including the conference website and abstract submission form. Academic member responsible for the conference: Dr. Timothy M. Young, Head, Agriculture Unit, ATINER, Emeritus Professor, The University of Tennessee, USA & CEO and President, T.M. Young Institute, LLC, USA. My best regards,
Dr Nicholas Pappas
Professor of History, Sam Houston University, USA Vice President of Academic Conferences and Meetings, Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)
Email: atiner@atiner-conferences.com

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  The XX International Plant Protection Congress (IPPCATHENS2024) is going to take place in Athens, Greece from 1-5 July 2024. IPPCATHENS2024 offers a great opportunity to researchers, academicians and plant protection specialists both from the private sector or governmental services and to relevant organization around the globe to present their data and share information concerning latest issues on Plant Protection and Plant Health. After the covid19 menace we are back ready to meet again in person and to find the way back to top international congresses.  
  Dear potential participants Interested scientists may submit proposals to organize a concurrent session either alone or with a co-organizer by June 30th, 2023.

Each concurrent session could be up to 4 hour duration, depending on the number of oral presentations proposed by the concurrent session organizer along with the additional oral presentations to be included following submissions in each concurrent session.

All of the abstracts of the papers to be presented in the accepted concurrent sessions should be submitted by the organizer/co-organizer, and the registration fees paid by the concurrent session presenters, by the Early Bird registration date.

Individually submitted presentations will be reviewed by the secretariat of the congress in collaboration with the organizer and will be included as oral or posters in the appropriate concurrent session.

Format for submission of Concurrent Session: Name of organizer/co-organizers who will act as chairperson along with a co-chair Lead speaker (Oral presentation, 25 min) List of invited speakers (Oral presentation, 20 min) Title of the Concurrent Sessions A brief background (250 words) Scientific section (Select from six XX IPPCATHENS2024 Thematic Areas): For you facilitation please visit the list of six general topics where the proposed concurrent session of the XX IPPCATHENS2024 are included and select the most appropriate for your specialization
  Plant protection Phytopathology and Plant Microbe Interactions Entomology, Nematology and Molecular Entomology Herbicides and Weeds Plant Protection Products Integrated Pest Management Submit your concurrent session by June 30th, 2023 using the following on- line platform link  
  Submit your concurrent session  
  The organizers will be informed about the acceptance of their proposal to
organize concurrent sessions for XX IPPC ATHENS 2024 by July 30th, 2023.   More information regarding the Congress are available at www.ippcathens2024.gr ​For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Congress Secretariat
Panagiotis Georgakopoulos
Senior Project Manager Tel: +30 2103250260 email: panagiotis@globalevents.gr   
  GLOBAL EVENTSwww.globalevents.gr

50Α Stadiou Str., 55534, Pilea, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.:(+30) 2310 247743 | 2310 247745
E-mail: info@globalevents.gr2 Valestra Str. & 168 A. Syngrou Av., 17671 Kallithea, Athens, Greece
Tel.:(+30) 210 3250260 | 211 1825814
E-mail: athens@globalevents.gr

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International Conference on Plant Health Management ICPHM 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability

The International Conference on Plant Health Management (ICPHM) 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability will be held in the city of Hyderabad, India, during 15th – 18th November 2023. The conference is being organized by the Plant Protection Association of India (PPAI). PPAI, since its inception in 1972, completed 50 years of yeoman service for the cause of Plant Protection both at National and International level in 2022. The main objective of this international conference is to pursue global opportunities in innovation and sustainability of research and entrepreneurship related to the field of Plant Health Management.

For more information, please visit the following link: https://icphm2023.com/index.php

Dr. Rajan Sharma

IAPPS Coordinator Region VII: South Asia

E-mail: rajan.sharma@icrisat.org

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Women in Latin American Entomology, 2nd cycle of conferences

To acknowledge International Women’s Day and the contribution of women in the study of insects and other arthropods, the Latin American Federation of Entomology (FELA) together with the Mexican Academy of Entomology (AEM-SME) and the Ecuadorian Entomological Society (SEE) organized the 2nd Cycle of Conferences of Women in Latin American Entomology, held between March 8 and 10, 2023.

Juana María Coronado Blanco, President of FELA, opened the event on March 8, welcoming participants and presenting the program of activities. Entomologists from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Uruguay made their presentations that same day. The moderators were representatives of the Argentine Entomological Society (SEA) and the Colombian Entomological Society (SOCOLEN). Eight entomologists from Mexico made their presentations on March 9, and nine entomologists from Ecuador did the same on March 10. Both days were moderated by representatives from the AEM-SME and the SEE. Closing the event was Dr. Coronado Blanco, who thanked the speakers and the audience for their participation.

Twenty-five entomologists from 10 Latin American countries generously shared their research, knowledge and experience in entomology, and contributed with valuable input regarding the challenges they had to overcome and those they still face in their professional development.

All three days of the conferences were streamed live at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaEntomologicadeMexico and simultaneously on the FELA Fb page.

Dr. Nora Altier

IAPPS Coordinator Region XV, South America

E-mail: naltier@inia.org.uy

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Ninth International Conference on Management of the Diamondback Moth and Other Crucifer Insect Pests

Photo by Dr. Srinivasan Ramasamy

The Ninth International Conference on Management of the Diamondback Moth and other Crucifer Insect Pests will be organized by the World Vegetable Center in association with Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Cambodia and Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute (TACTRI). The conference will be held during May 2-5, 2023 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. About 100 – 150 researchers worldwide are expected to participate and present research papers. The conference is designed to provide a common forum for the researchers to share their findings in bio-ecology of insect pests, host plant resistance, biological control, pesticides and insect resistance management on crucifer crops and integrated pest management. As with previous workshops / conference, a comprehensive publication of the proceedings will be published.

Scientific Sessions

  1. Diamondback moth and other crucifer pests: The global challenge in a changing climate
  2. Biology, ecology and behavior of diamondback moth and other crucifer pests: What’s new?
  3. Insect plant interactions, host plant resistance and chemical ecology of crucifer pests and their natural enemies
  4. Insecticide resistance and management in crucifer pests: the on-going challenge 
  5. Biological and non-chemical methods of management of crucifer pests (including organic agriculture) 
  6. Genetic approaches to manage crucifer pests: transgenic plants, CRISPR, RNAi, and genetic pest management
  7. Constraints and opportunities to the sustained adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) for the management of DBM and other crucifer pests
Photo by Dr. Subramanian Sevgan

Photo by Dr. Subramanian Sevgan
Photo by Dr. Subramanian Sevgan

Photo by Dr. Subramanian Sevgan



  • 6 February – 31 March 2023



  • Scientists (Outside Cambodia USD 400)
  • Scientists (From Cambodia USD 200)
  • Students (USD 200)
  • Accompanying person (USD 200)


Scientific Committee


World Vegetable Center, Taiwan


World Vegetable Center, Taiwan

Dr. Li-Hsin Huang

Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals andToxic Substances Research Institute, Taiwan


Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia


University of Queensland, Australia


University of Queensland, Australia


Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China


International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenya


University of Florida, USA


Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Spain



Flagship Program Leader for Safe and Sustainable Value Chains & Lead Entomologist

World Vegetable Center, Shanhua, Tainan 74151, Taiwan

Tel: +886-6-5837801

Fax: +886-6-5830009

E-mail: srini.ramasamy@worldveg.org 


Scientist (Entomology)

World Vegetable Center, Shanhua, Tainan 74151, Taiwan

Tel: +886-6-5837801

Fax: +886-6-5830009

E-mail: paola.sotelo@worldveg.org 


Photo by Dr. Christian Ulrichs

Cruciferous crops such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard, radish, and several leafy greens are economically important vegetables vital for human health. These nutritious vegetables provide much-needed vitamins and minerals to the human diet—especially vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, folic acid, and dietary fiber. Crucifers also are capable of preventing different types of cancer.

The diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella, is the most serious crucifer pest worldwide. In addition, head caterpillar (Crocidolomia pavonana), web worm (Hellula undalis), butterflies (Pieris spp.), flea beetle (Phyllotreta spp.) and aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae, Lipaphis erysimi, Myzus persicae) also cause significant yield losses in crucifers. Farmers prefer to use chemical pesticides for controlling this pest because they have an immediate knock-down effect and are easily available when needed in local markets. Pesticides constitute a major share in the total production cost of crucifer crops, accounting for about one-third to half of the cost of production of major crucifer crops in Asia, for instance. As a result, pest resistance to insecticides is on the rise, leading farmers to spray even more pesticides. Insecticide resistance, environmental degradation, human health impacts, resource loss and economic concerns have triggered a growing interest in integrated pest management (IPM).

Previous International Workshop / Conference(s) on Management of the Diamondback Moth and other Crucifer Insect Pests

Photo by Dr. Srinivasan Ramasamy

The International Working Group on DBM and other Crucifer Insects is an informal group of researchers worldwide who are actively engaged in research and development in crucifer pest management.

This research group participates in an international workshop on the management of DBM and other crucifer insect pests that occurs every five to six years.

The first and second workshops were organized by Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC) in Taiwan in 1985 and 1990.

The third workshop was organized by the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute in Kuala Lumpur in 1996.

The fourth workshop was organized in Australia in 2001 and the fifth workshop was organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing in 2006.

The sixth workshop was organized by AVRDC – the World Vegetable Center in Thailand in 2011 and the seventh workshop was organized by the University Agricultural Sciences Bangalore in 2015.

The eighth International Conference on Management of the Diamondback Moth and other Crucifer Insect Pests was organized by the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan in 2019.

Additional details and proceedings of these workshops / conference can be found at https://avrdc.org/diamondback-moth-working-group/



World Vegetable Center
P.O. Box 42
Shanhua, Tainan, Taiwan 74151

Phone: +886-6-583-7801

Email: info@worldveg.org

Web: avrdc.org


E-mail | Greenhouse



The Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture, a nine-member alliance focused on increasing global food security by supporting healthy, sustainable, climate-smart smallholder agriculture.

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International Plant Protection Congresses

The International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS), together with local organizations and societies, convenes the International Plant Protection Congress every 4 years. The next Congress is in Athens, Greece in July 2024 (postponed due to the pandemic). We are now announcing the request for applications to host the XXI IPPC to be convened in 2027. For details regarding past congresses – click here

The important dates for an application to host this Congress are:
December 31, 2023:
Applications due.
March, 2024: Decision made by IAPPS Executive Committee.
May, 2024: Agreement between IAPPS and the LCO (Local Congress Organizer).
July, 2024: Winning bidder promotes their 2027 IPPC at Athens 2024 IPPC

For details on making an application and a Guide for applying to host the IPPC-2027 see:


For further information contact:

Prof. E. A. ‘Short’ Heinrichs

Secretary General and Membership Manager, IAPPS

Phone: 402-890-7496

Email: eheinrichs2@unl.edu

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ENDURE NEWS, Issue 36, December 2022

Welcome to the 36th edition of ENDURE News, the electronic newsletter from ENDURE. Please feel free to share this newsletter with colleagues.

  • e-PIC: On the road again
    Following a break caused by Covid-19, Philippe Delval and Solène Batard from ACTA, France’s association of agricultural technical institutes, have hit the road, facilitating a series of thematic days across the country as part of the campaign to encourage the uptake of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • IWMPRAISE: Newsletter and resources
    Although the IWMPRAISE project has now officially ended, it leaves behind an extensive selection of resources for all those interested in Integrated Weed Management (IWM). As the project’s final external newsletter makes clear, these include but are not limited to an IWM tool, tool sheets offering complementary information to the IWM tool, how-to inspiration sheets, e-learning modules, IWM games and scientific publications.
  • IPMWorks: Watch the videos!
    With the IPMWorks Resource Toolbox scheduled to open later this year, the Horizon 2020 project’s YouTube channel is beginning to fill up with introductions to some of its hubs and coverage of some of the events that have been held.
  • IPM Decisions platform goes live!
    The IPM Decisions platform is now live, offering an open access one-stop shop for decision support in Integrated Pest Management. The Horizon 2020 project, involving a number of ENDURE partner organisations, says the platform will provide farmers, consultants and researchers with a wide range of Decision Support Systems and weather data from across Europe.
  • SmartProtect: Platform news and more!
    SmartProtect, the Horizon 2020 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) thematic network bringing together 16 partners from 12 countries, has produced its second newsletter. It brings readers up to date with the network’s key aim, which is “to stimulate knowledge flow in the regional Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKISs) across the EU and connect these on the innovative potential of advanced methodologies for IPM in vegetable production, integrating precision farming technologies and data analytics”.
  • RustWatch: Get the app and participate
    While the RustWatch project (Wheat Rust Early Warning) officially ended in October, an early warning campaign will again be carried out in 2022 and 2023 using the project’s rust survey crowdsource application.
  • ABIM: Big attendance and award winners
    This October’s Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) attracted more than 1,550 visitors from 53 nations to Basel, Switzerland. The event provides the opportunity for businesses to showcase new products, to discuss market opportunities, present new research and learn about the latest regulatory situation.
  • Legume Hub: Join the community
    The Horizon 2020 Legumes Translated project has helped to ensure that the European legume development community continues to thrive with the launch of the European Legume Hub knowledge platform.
  • New hope for Flavescence dorée control
    Researchers at Agroscope in Switzerland have successfully cracked the genome of Flavescence dorée, raising hopes that new ways of controlling the serious vine disease may be possible.
  • IWMPRAISE: Final guide to trials
    With the five-year IWMPRAISE (Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe) project due to finish this autumn, the 39 partners have produced the 2022 and final edition of its guide to the project’s Experimental Trials in Europe.
  • Updates on greenhouse and indoor crops
    Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands have reported that greenhouse strawberry production is possible almost year-round with a minimal use of fossil fuels and chemical plant protection products.  
  • Resistant vine team scoops award
    A team working on resistant vines at France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) has received the Science with an Impact award at the organisation’s annual Lauriers prizes, in which winners are selected by an international jury.
  • Fungi for sustainable production
    Agroscope, ENDURE’s Swiss partner, has shared the findings of a pan-European study detailing the adverse effect plant protection products have on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), reducing their ability to supply plants with phosphorus via their roots.
  • Whiteflies acquire multiple plant genes
    Building on recent studies revealing the transfer of two plant genes to the genome of the silverleaf whitefly, French researchers have established that some 49 plant genes have been transferred to the genome of one of the world’s major pests.
  • Long-term experiments: Meeting future challenges
    The Association of Applied Biologists is organising an event focusing on long-term experiments (LTEs) from June 20 to 22, 2023. Hosted by Rothamsted Research in the UK, the three-day conference will “focus on using LTEs to meet current and future challenges in agriculture”.
  • Agrifood sector considers diversification measures
    Italian researchers from the Horizon 2020 Diverfarming project have conducted a consultation on the benefits and barriers to the adoption of multiple cropping systems and sustainable management practices identified as suitable for improving diversification in the country’s cereal crops.
  • Joint seminar for ERA-Net Cofund projects
    Projects from the SusCrop and FACCA SURPLUS ERA-Net Cofunds are holding a joint status seminar meeting early next year as part of an outreach seminar for international collaboration.
  • Be inspired: IWM in oilseed rape
    The latest inspiration sheet from IWMPRAISE, the project addressing Integrated Weed Management (IWM), details the seven trials conducted in three French regions on combined mechanical and chemical weeding in oilseed rape (OSR).
  • Events: Get organised for 2023!
    Next year’s events calendar is filling up nicely, with some conference organisers opting to hold hybrid live and virtual events to attract wider audiences. These include the Association of Applied Biologists’ event focusing on long-term experiments, which is being hosted by Rothamsted Research in the UK from June 20 to 22 2023, and the 8th edition of the Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology (GPMB 2023), which is being held in Valencia, Spain and virtually next September.
  • To find out more about ENDURE, visit: www.endure-network.eu
  • To get in touch with ENDURE, use the contact form

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ATHENS, GREECE, 1-5 July, 2024

Members of the local organizing and scientific committee

Kickoff of XX IPPC ATHENS, 1-5 July, 2024

25 November, 2022

Local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC)

In 25 November, 2022, the kickoff meeting of the Local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC) took place at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

Members of the local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC) with  the Chair of XX IPPCAthens2024, Prof. Eris Tjamos, the Vise Rector of AUA I. Chatzipavlidis, the Ex-Vise Rector of AUA Prof. E. Paplomatas and the Member of the Board of the Directors of AUA Prof. D. Tsitsigiannis attended virtually or via a zoom platform the new kick off meeting of the LOSC, which took place at the Agricultural University of Athens. 

The LOSC discussed various organizational matters and exchanged ideas on the scientific programm. The proposals on Plenary and Concurrent Sessions, worked out by several subcommittees during the year, have been already finalized, after taking into account all the proposed suggestions by IAPPS Board members and the members of the Greek organizing and scientific committee.

The proposals were submitted to the IAPPS BOARD for its final evaluation and further instructions.

Prof. Eris Tjamos is in close contact with the General Secretary of IAPPS Prof. Elvis Heinrichs, for continuous consultation and exchange of ideas on various organizational matters of the Congress.

Eris Tjamos,


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New Executive Board of the Entomological Federation of Latin America (FELA)

The Entomological Federation of Latin American (FELA) is integrated by nine entomological societies: Sociedad Entomológica de Brasil (SEB), Sociedad Entomológica Argentina (SEA), Sociedad Boliviana de Entomología (SBE), Sociedad Colombiana de Entomología (SOCOLEN), Sociedad Chilena de Entomología (SCHE), Sociedad Entomológica Ecuatoriana (SEE), Sociedad Mexicana de Entomología (SME), Sociedad Panameña de Entomología (SEPAM), and Sociedad Entomológica del Perú (SEP). During the XI Argentinian Congress of Entomology and the XII Latin American Congress of Entomology (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 24–28), FELA held its first ordinary assembly, where representatives of the member societies voted the new Executive Board. Welcomed members of the Board are Juana María Coronado Blanco (President), Bruno Zachrisson (Vice-President), Lucía Claps (Secretary), Norma Nolazco (Vocal), and María Stella Zerbino (Past President). The city of Uberlandia (Minas Gerais, Brazil) was designated to host the XIII Latin American Congress of Entomology (CLAE), that will be held in 2024.

New Executive Board of FELA: Bruno Zachrisson, Lucía Claps, Norma Nolazco, Juana María Coronado Blanco, and María Stella Zerbino.

Submitted by:

Dr. Nora Altier

IAPPS Coordinator Region XV, South America

E-mail: naltier@inia.org.uy

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         Organizers              TAMAZ PATARKALASHVILI, Phd, Technical University, Georgia             Carlos José Bécquer Granados, PhD            Institute of Pastures and Forages Research (Cuba)              ABDEL AZIZ MOHAMED PhD Alexandria University, Egypt   Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani,PhD AUIN-UNESP Brazil, Brazil    Anjanapura V. Raghu, PhD Jain University India             Carlos Ruiz Garvia PhD                                     UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub,           Germany                      MANAGEMENT            Mr. Jim Anderson            Plant-2023 Organizing Committee            96 Mainard Crescent            ON L6R 2T8            Brampton Canada           plant@massivegroup.org           massivegroup33@gmail.com           plant@plantaconferences.com            Dear Colleague,     We are delighted to announce that the 3rd International Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology will be held in Portugal taking place on 17-19, May 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.   PLANT-2023 Conference remains the only annual event of its kind gathering leading international researchers and experts in the field of Plant Science.   On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to invite you to speak at the 3rd International Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology on 17-19, May 2023.   The meeting will consist of selected oral presentations, poster sessions, and keynote addresses.  Special Awards for 3 best Oral Communication and 3 best Poster for young presenters (< 35 years old).   Should you have any query or you need any further information about the Conference please address your correspondence to plant@massivegroup.org ; massivegroup33@gmail.com   We will be really pleased if you could join us and give an oral presentation of your recent research for scientific sessions and abstract submission, Please Click   Abstract Submission   Looking forward to hearing from you,     Sincerely, Jim Anderson Conference Manager    

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