Africa: Soybean Disease Diagnostic Guide published

Soybean Disease Diagnostic Guide

Dr. Glen Hartman collaborated with the Soybean Innovation Lab to develop a new diagnostic guide for the identification of soybean diseases and pests specifically designed for use in Africa.

The first step in the treatment and management of plant diseases is identification. In tropical environments like Sub-Saharan Africa, a variety of soybean diseases like soybean rust, bacterial pustule and frogeye leaf spot continue to plague plant breeders and smallholder farmers by destroying crops and causing drastic decreases in yields. Lower yields impede plant breeders from intensifying their breeding programs and cause smallholders to lose potential profits.

The diagnostic guide will inform soybean breeders on what diseases they need to breed resistance to, help agronomic researchers design better disease prevention strategies, and provides farmers with another resource to increase their soybean yields.


Click here to access the guide.


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