India: BLB threatens Tamil Nadu rice crop

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Updated: December 7, 2015 05:53 IST

Leaf blight disease poses threat to paddy crop

 The continuous rain has posed a threat to the standing paddy crop in the district.

Reports said that paddy raised on several hectares has been affected by bacterial leaf blight disease. The paddy crops, which are inundated for the last 15 days, are said to be affected. The leaves appear to have changed into yellow and white.

In Tiruchi district, samba crop has been raised on about 48,000 hectares. Since many parts of the district continue to receive rain for the last two weeks without a break, the crop is said to be unable to observe nutrients from the soil. R. Chandrasekeran, Joint Director of Agriculture, told The Hindu that the field officials and staff had been asked to create awareness of the disease among farmers. The prevailing climate conditions were favourable to bacterial leaf blight. Change of colour was a symptom of the disease. The leaves would turn yellowish orange or brown in colour. The colour change would mostly confine to the edges of the leaf with wavy margins.

It would affect the photosynthesis of the plant thereby reducing the yield. Further the bacterial infestation would lead to the secondary infestation of the fugal pathogens, which caused fungal diseases in the later stage of the crop. There was a need to save the crop from the disease. The farmers should create adequate drainage facility so as to allow the soil to form minor cracks to facilitate release of the toxic gases from the soil. If the symptoms were indicating that the disease was in the initial stage, the farmers should apply cow dung twice at 20 days interval. To control the developed symptom, the farmers should spray 120 grams of Spectomycin Sulphate-Tetracycline Hydro Chloride combination along with half kg of copper oxy chloride.

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