Tamil Nadu, India: Farmers worried over possible crop loss

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Updated: December 3, 2015 09:22 IST

Black gram, green gram are vulnerable to the present rains

Excessive rainfall during November in parts of the district has worried farmers, who are afraid of a crop loss.

V. Subbaraman, vice-president, Ottanatham panchayat, a and farmer, said that crops such as black gram and green gram were vulnerable to such a situation prevailing in Maniyachi and Ottapidaram fircas.

Hence, the farmers would face a minimum of 50 per cent crop loss. Expecting an average amount of rainfall ahead of the northeast monsoon season, these crops were cultivated on 2,500 hectares in Ottanatham panchayat in September. But Maniyachi and Ottapidaram received excessive rainfall. Since it rained heavily, black gram and green gram were affected as these crops, which attained flowering stage, started shedding leaves, he said.

Maize, cholam and cumbu crops on 300 hectares were inundated, he said.

K.P. Perumal, district secretary, Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Association, said that in the wake of rainfall last month, around 700 acres of banana fields and 300 acres of paddy fields were inundated, affecting farmers.

Even ripe bananas in fields at Srivaikuntam and Ottapidaram could not be harvested as the fields were waterlogged. Hence, authorities should survey these inundated fields to extend compensation for the loss to farmers, he added.

P. Murugesan, general secretary, Southern Dry Land Farmers’ Association, Pudur, said that cultivation of onion, chilli and coriander had been affected following excessive rains and farmers in Pudur block had to incur a minimum of 40 per cent loss. If Pudur block received more rains in the next spell, these crops would suffer more damage, he said.

Further, he said that ‘yellow mosaic’, a virus disease, had started attacking black gram and green gram at Chennamareddipatti, Muthusamypuram and Maniyakaranpatti of this block. Hence, the farmers need guidance in preventing pest attack, he added.

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